Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction assignment: First 200 words of Unicornocalypse

By the light of the blood moon the unicorn stepped into the boggy meadow. The fetid light washed pink on the unicorn's calico coat. Her head raised slightly, horn pointing out and up as she trotted through the crabgrass and half-frozen mud, which sucked at her hooves. A chill wind rolled in the nearby trees, the leafless branches rattling like bones in a bag. The far side of the meadow grew neaer as the unicorn kept her constant pace, quick enough to show purpose, slow enough to keep her fear reigned in.
Shadows flickered across the bog, but when the unicorn looked up she only saw dark clouds careening across the sky. At the end of the meadow was a stone tower covered in moss and half toppled. Beyond a shallow pond bubbled softly, emitting a rotting stench and swirling smoke. Frogs croaked loudly over the noises of the nocturnal insects that defied them by dancing across the pond's surface. The unicorn continued on, mud streaking its white and tan legs. She hid from the sickly moonlight, walking in the shelter of a row of decaying leper trees, their fallen branches crumbling without protest under her strong hooves.

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